Out & About: Blasting Off at the Air & Space Museum

Today was a great day.

After a morning of math and free writing, the girls and I left daddy home to deal with a host of conference calls and headed into the city for a ‘girl’s day out’.

Niara’s morning math challenge.

After the threat of Hurricane Joaquin, we all have been enjoying these past few days of what I call ‘perfect’ weather: cool evenings, colder mornings, and warm afternoons.

The girls have been enjoying picking wild berries in the backyard and making their very own berry jam!

Today was no exception to the beautiful weather we have been having and so we decided to head into the city to take in a show and explore the museums.

Niara and Lela headed to the train.

Living in DC spoils you. At a whim you can easily hop into any museum-and so they have become central to our learning experience.

DSC_2196 - Copy
Pretty nice backdrop for a stage!

Today we headed to the Air and Space Museum and we were in for a treat. We were able to catch a show performed by Ben Rudnick & Friends.

DSC_2199 - Copy

Those guys had my girls ( and all the other children) moving…

Niara jumping to a song.

and grooving!

Lela grooving.

After the concert we explored the sculpture garden.

Of course we had to visit one of their favorite water fountains.

And the girls had a ball singing “Let It Go” as they pretended this sculpture was frozen water.


I don’t know how long this weather is supposed to last (actually, I just looked at the weather report and…). I am thankful for today. For sunshine, big smiles, fun music, rocketships, tired kids!

Niara holding baby sis as we head back to the train station.


Here is to a day well spent!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

One thought on “Out & About: Blasting Off at the Air & Space Museum

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day with your three darlings. what an inspiration and enjoy this wonderful weather before it gets really cold. Washington, DC is truly a beautiful city with lots of wonderful museums, parks, and exciting places to visit. Continue to enjoy every breath taking stage of your daughters growing years.


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