Plant Cell Cake Project, So Yummy!

Lela has been learning about the parts of plants and animal cells in science.

She was so excited about this unit I decided to do something fun (and yummy) for her to show what she knows.

Before we created the cake we spent a couple of weeks learning about cells.

We learned a rap about cells.

Studied and created diagrams of plant and animal cells.

We looked at a cheek cell 

and plant cell under a microscope.

After all the studying, she finally got to create her very own plant cell cake!

She enjoyed making the cake (her first).


Of course her little sisters helped with clean up!


And icing the cake (the frosting had to be green which her sisters thought was super cool).


She had a great time with her dad (who by the way thought this assignment was awesome) putting the cake together.


She was meticulous when thinking through the design of her cake, figuring out which candy would represent the different cell parts. 


She loved constructing the cake and was very pleased with the outcome. “Cells have a lot going on” she said!


Her sisters were her cheerleaders–encouraging her all the way and listened patiently as she described each part of the cell cake.


And finally, it was time to eat cake!


In addition to learning about the structure and parts of a cell, we also learned that cheerios works well with icing.

If you are studying cells this year, give this project a try!

Stay Encourage & Be Blessed!


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