Lourdes enjoyed her first full week of class. We are all thankful.


Like her mommy, it is hard for her to get up in the mornings. She goes from her bed to the couch. But once she gets going there is no stopping her!


She is so excited to be sitting at the table with her big sister, Niara, doing ‘meeting work’. Each week we explore a color, shape and a number and I come up with activities that allow her lots of touch time with these things. This week it was all about the color brown, the square and the number 10.


She made lots of art with brown in it.


We read stories about brown bears and made our own brown bear with 10 parts.

and last but not least, she made brownies.

DSC_0798Needless to say that was her favorite activity!


We had a great week (but I am glad those brownies are finally gone).

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed,



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  1. […] loves HappyPreK (whew, we were all concerned). She wakes up in the morning ready for HappyPreK! This week she learned all about the color BROWN. Each day she interacted with brown in a different way. Her favorite activity was making […]


  2. Brownies are one of my weaknesses. If there are brownies in the the kitchen, I keep migrating there until they are gone. 🙂


  3. We must be twins! Just knowing something chocolate is in my house can keep my mind going. Seriously, have you ever plotted to sneak back in the kitchen when all the kids and hubby are asleep? Yup, that’s me. That is why I don’t like it in the house. Too tempting. That one box made a lot of brownies so they were with us for a couple of days. The funny thing is she now expects us to cook something for her class. This week we are doing yellow so I am thinking yellow jello (jello doesn’t tempt me at all). But as the weeks and colors roll by I will have to get creative. Any suggestions? Blue, Red, Purple (her favorite color), Green, Black, White, Orange? Thanks a bunch and have an awesome day!!



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