Our Family Devotions


About a year ago we started doing family devotions together. When we started I must confess that I got it all wrong. It was highly structured and felt more like a class that we all had to drag ourselves to rather than an experience we all wanted to participate in. Better put, it felt like a duty rather than an honor which made it ineffective and exhausting. Needless to say this way of devotions did not work. So we stopped.

Come to me. Sing to me. Learn about me. Ask of me.

Although we did take a break I knew God didn’t want us to settle into the break. I wanted to praise God and pray as a family. I didn’t want us to just be ‘Sunday’ Christians (if you know what I mean). I came to realize and then accept that I needed his help in order for us to do this. One day, he whispered “come. sing. learn. ask. Be with me and be with them.

Now our family devotion time looks and feels a lot different and fits our family–right now–exactly who and as we are.

We come together around the breakfast table over oatmeal (usually) and freshly squeezed (and sometimes spilt) orange juice and start sharing what we are thankful for (a goodnight’s sleep for me–when I can get it).

Worship music plays in the background and the kids sing along to familiar tunes and sometimes break away from the table and dance.

Then we learn more about God. We read a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible. The kids, hubby, and I absolutely love this children’s storybook bible (thanks Auntie Eileen)! We talk about the story and the things that pop into our heads from the story. Lela reads the daily word from Jesus Calling: 365 Daily Devotionals for Kids and we look up the scriptures that tie to it. Normally by this point Lourdes is in my lap wanting me to help her finish her breakfast bowl.

Then we share prayer request of our own and our village. I am always blown away by what my girls share and so thankful that I asked.  This is how I knew Niara gets so nervous before ballet class, afraid she won’t be able to do a position correctly. And then we ask of the Father for one another’s sake, simply…just as we are.

I love how honoring the Lord is also honoring yourself and others.

I am so thankful for his constant invitation to come and even more thankful that he makes it easy and enjoys who we are and how we come.

I am thankful to be able to take a collective breath with my family in the mornings, to listen to them, see their hearts, and affirm their spirits before the world touches them.

I am especially so grateful for praying with and for my family. For letting them see mommy and daddy don’t have all the answers, and for molding what asking and waiting looks like.

I am truly moved by the girl’s prayers–fully confident, fully accessible, fully pure. They so encourage my own prayers.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed

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