Morning Thoughts: 6 a.m. Wake Up

I am not an early riser. The fact that I am typing this post at 6:30am is proof that God is real and he answers prayers.

Our first week of school ended Yesterday. After many months of planning, purchasing, and shopping school finally started. The prospect of teaching three children this year seemed daunting–more honestly, impossible. I really didn’t know how I was going to do it, and how my husband would find me at the end of my day.

Last Sunday at church  I told as many people that would listen that I was going to start waking up at 6am to start my day, “Please pray for me” I asked. One of the things I don’t want to experience this year is doing school all day, so starting early is a must! I also need to have some quiet time with just myself and God.

I have discovered a fondness for early rises.

The house is completely quiet and still, I get to hear my own thoughts, talk with the Lord and listen.

I hear the birds singing and get to watch the gradual changes of light in the sky. I see drops of dew on flower petals and I can take a shower and get dressed without interruptions.

A week later (and a Saturday morning at that) I am so very thankful that I did ask God to help me wake up. I felt rather foolish in the asking (why does a grown woman need help waking up early) but that is my truth, where I am and what I needed. I didn’t feel mocked by him, just helped.

Yet it left me wondering, what other things have I not asked for because I thought my request foolish? Hmmm, I will have to really search myself for that answer.

Even though my children learned a lot of new things this week, I believe I learned the greatest lesson: Bring it all to the Father. Every single small and great thing. He is so anxious to help with it all.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



4 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts: 6 a.m. Wake Up

  1. Hi! Can I ask if you are still able to wake up at 6am, 6 months later? I have also just made this commitment (I am not an early riser). We are beginning our school year here in Australia this week and I really want to start my day before the kids get up. I am silly though, you are much wiser than I, I haven’t asked the Lord to help me. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Katie thanks so much for your question! 6 months later I have been inconsistent, that is the truth. I find that I have periods (when everything is running smoothly–kids going to bed on time, etc). And then there is the weekend, when it comes I want to sleep in as late as I can. The problem I have found with that is that my body is constantly starting over and over again to learn a new thing. Six months later I am even more convinced however that I must do it–for the periods when I do wake up I am a much happier and productive mom, wife and friend. So that encourages me. Another thing that encourages me to wake up early is having devotional time with my husband. We have struggled with finding quiet time for us to do this daily and discovered the mornings offer the best time for us. He helps by meeting me with coffee in hand. The few minutes together, reading scripture and connecting and grounding our day in prayer blesses me more than I can say. We use Daily Light by Bagster/Lotz as our devotional. One tip I can say is (I am saying this as I am trying to master it) is sleep. I have discovered I need to respect sleep more and help all in my family master how to go to sleep properly. I know this may sound crazy but true. I simply cannot get up at six when I go to bed at 12am. The body needs rest–and its full due amount. I try to get in my bed by 9:30 so I can relax, have pillow talk, read and try to be sleeping by 10/10:30. When I do this I don’t struggle as much. Starting and stopping, walking and stumbling is all part of developing a new habit– we must remember that for our children and especially for ourselves. The Lord has grace for us–even in this. Thank you for this question, it is so encouraging to me to continue to press for doing something nice and needed for myself. Enjoy your day and your sleep, your resting & waking!! Chantel


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