Having a Blast in the Past- Ancient Egypt  

I came across this post this morning. It is filled with ideas for teaching Ancient Egypt. I am so thankful for this because part of our curriculum this year is Story of the World, Book 1  (for a review of the Story of the World click here) which covers Ancient Egypt. Thanks STEMtastic Homeschooling for sharing, I am so thankful for this post.
Originally posted on August 22, 2015
I cannot wait for next week! We are doing all kinds of things that are outside of the school box. Our curriculum of choice is Apologia’s Around the World in 180 Days but we may be going around it in about 260 days :). There is too much to learn! Our first continent is Africa so for the last two weeks or so, we have spent some time on the geography of Africa using a kids atlas. We also raided the library for every book on Africa as soon as the school year began and we plan to exercise our two renewals (sorry moms!).
Since our text is research focused, we had to get our hands on as many books as we could. This is a new skill for our Super Scholar to learn and we are breaking him in good! While we are following her method, we are a high tech bunch so I could not help getting on the web to see what was out there. Of course there was so much stuff that I made a YouTube playlist on Egypt (popcorn time!) for our studies and found a website where he will learn how to write his name in hieroglyphs. We had to be careful with the content because there is so much to learn about Ancient Egypt and it might be a bit much for his level of understanding. He’s also going to learn how to mummify a body online, conduct a science lab experiment by using simulated natron to mummify one “Egyptian” potato while comparing it to another “Egyptian” potato who will be mummified without natron. He will then take a mummification exam on another website. Since building with Legos is his favorite thing to do, he will build a step pyramid. Lastly, we are headed to a local museum to see the ancient Egypt exhibit. Fun times!
Update 8/26/15
We’ve been BUSY! So far, we’ve watched an animated movie on Sunday named “The Prince of Egypt” to kick off our Ancient Egypt unit study, made papyrus to use with our hieroglyphs activity, built a step pyramid out of Legos, learned how to mummify a person online (brain removal and all!), completed reading comprehension exercises on the pyramid at Giza, and began our mummification potato lab experiment using the scientific investigation process for science class. The experiment also doubles as an example of a chemical reaction in action. Whew! Below are a few pics of our hands on study. Check back soon for our video about our potato mummification experiment!
He decided (not my idea…imagination in action) that this poor Lego soul below should get prepared for the afterlife so he is on the mummification bed below. Go boy!
Making Papyrus paper in preparation for his exercise on writing his name in hieroglyphs.

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