Freebie: Our Current Events Curriculum

 I remember so clearly my mom making me choose an article from the paper and write a blurb about it. In addition to my school work, this was her weekly assignment I had to do. Now like most middle school students the idea of more work was not my idea of fun—at all. However, I must admit that once I started reading the paper, my curiosity sparked and I found myself very interested about people and places far beyond my neighborhood, peers, and school.

 Year after year of this, I came to know tidbits of facts about countries and people groups from all over the world. I am sure that it helped my writing and critical thinking skills as well. Whenever we had dinner parties (which felt like every weekend) I also had something current and interesting to offer.  I also believe it is the primary reason why I prefer to still get my news from the papers versus tv (even despite the fact that I use to work for a major new network). All in all, I am grateful my mom decided I should do this—and made me do it despite my sometimes grumpy disposition.

As I was planning Lela’s 4th grade year, I remembered my mom’s instruction and was inspired to do for Lela what my mom did for me.

This year I will be adding a new course, Current Events. The purpose of this class is to teach Lela about the world around her, broadening her perspective and worldview. That is my main purpose. However, just like my own experience I know that many more skills and treasures will be added to her through this work.

This is How We Will Do It:

Monday she reads articles from a selected group of approved sourecs (see the list below).

Tuesday she chooses one article to write about and we ‘talk’ through it, allowing her the opportunity to orally process the information.

Wednesday – Thursday she works on completing her Current Events Template.

Friday the report is due.

This year we will use the following sources for her to pull articles from:

Voice of the Martyrs

Time for Kids

Dogo News

National Geographic For Kids

Kids Learn Out Loud: BBC Kids News Radio Broadcast

Download  my Current Events Template for Free
Current Events Ad

 I can’t wait to begin and promise to share our experience along the way.

As always,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

7 thoughts on “Freebie: Our Current Events Curriculum

    1. Thanks so much. I really hope we enjoy doing this. I actually just got finished looking at the Newseum in Washington (where we live). I am thinking about taking her there for a field trip. I will keep you posted!


  1. […] Current Events is a brand new edition this year. Every week Lela will choose an article from  and complete a mini current events report on it. This is what the first half of the year will look like. During the second part of the year, she will add writing her own ‘Current Events’ stories from what is happening around her neighborhood. Click here for a FREE copy of our Current Events template . […]


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