Review: Rod & Staff Grammar

I am a grammar girl.

So when I went looking for the right program to help me teach grammar I knew what I was looking for. What I was looking for was something that closely resembled how I was taught grammar in my Catholic schools. Rod  & Staff was the answer.

The Run-Down:

I give this program 4 (out of 5) Olive Tress

Christian/Stand-Alone/2nd -10th grades/Affordable

Rod and Staff’s Building Christian English Series is a blended grammar and writing composition curriculum that teaches solid grammar and writing skills while promoting Christian values.

Each grade level comes complete with a student textbook, teacher’s manual, worksheet booklet and test/quiz booklet (the only exception to this is the 2nd grade program which does not include worksheets).


This is an affordable program that allows you to purchase the complete set (ranging in price from $32.70 -$42.70) or individual pieces.

It is not a flashy series. You will not find any bells, whistles and colorful fairies on the page to help make grammar exciting (again, reminds me of my Catholic schooling). All of the pages are in black and white.

Each lesson begins with an Introduction and Explanation of a concept. This is followed by Review and Practice drills, both oral and written.  Scattered throughout the Unit Review Drills from prior taught concepts.

This is an example of page of the teacher’s manual.



This is an example of the worksheet pages/

How I Use The Program:

I start using Rod and Staff in 2nd grade.

Alongside the student textbook I create an interactive grammar notebook that grows alongside my child. The notebook holds the grammar rules and also practice work. I create the notebook so my children can have a resource book to help them. They all enjoy their grammar notebooks and refer back to it all the time.

A lot of people complain about the number of exercises in a lesson. I do not do every single exercise. Instead, I pick and choose when, how and if we do an exercise. I do however, appreciate having an abundance of exercises to choose from.

All in all, we spend about 20 minutes a day on grammar during our class time. I then assign grammar for independent work, which takes no more then 10 minutes. I have found that a little a day truly does go a long way!

What I appreciate about this program the most is that it provides a solid foundation with  grammar and writing. The series are methodical and the instruction is clear and concise. I also appreciate a program that reinforces Christian values. In a nutshell, it works!

I do hope this review is helpful.

Now it’s your time to shine! Have you used Rod & Staff for grammar? What are your thoughts? If you use another program, tell us about it!

As always,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!





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