A Great Series for Your Beginning Reader

My First Steps to Reading has been apart of our collective village for 15 years now. My oldest sister got them for her oldest child, who be turning 18 this year.

These cute alphabet  theme books helped Princess Bella discover her passion her reading, and now they are doing the same for her little sisters. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t read at least three of these books.

My girls love the children, all whose names are an alphabet letter.

The storyline is simple and very predictable which helps beginning readers so much with early reading skills.

The children go around their imaginative world collecting items to put inside their box. As you probably guessed, the items all begin with the same letter as the friend.

Little A puts an alligator and an airplane in his box. When his box got too full of his treasures it collapsed and thus makes him sad. No worries, he is able to fix it.

Little U has a lot of fun playing in the rain with her umbrellas.

I also found some really adorable children’s narrations of some of the books. My kids so love watching and hearing their favorite stories read by children.

 A fun thing I love to do with my girls is for them to pick a letter and be that letter, like little b. They get to fill up their own box with items that begin (or end) with the letter sound.

Also these books make great gifts! Interested in learning more? Click the picture below.

Click here to get your First Steps to Reading Series today!

I hope your little ones enjoy these books as much as we do! And as always..

Stay Encourage & Be Blessed!



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