Freebie: Word Play, When Opposites Attract

I wanted to share a template I created to help the girls practice the concept of opposites.

They love sitting and matching the words together and I love that this activity is something they love do do independently.

Everybody wins.

Want to give it a try? Simply download the template and print it out. The words on the list list are around 2nd grade.

Opposites Attract Worksheet
Click on image to download!!

I love creating things once, because I know that others behind my kids may enjoy it as well.

After printing and cutting the words out I then took a trip to my favorite educational supply store (see if they have a Lakeshore near you) and laminated them. The lamination prices are extremely reasonable and the store I go to has two machines, so the wait is never long. They also have really neat activities craft projects children can do while their parents shop, so I don’t even have to worry about my little ones!

Next I Velcro hook and latch  stickers to the backs of the pairs so the girls can stick the cards together.

You also can use the same template and create different list such as matching words to definitions. The possibilities  are endless.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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