Be Still. Listen. Reap.

This morning was different.

Well, not completely different. Princess Bella did make her way in our bed at 6am, just as always.

But what was different about this morning was that I actually got out of bed before Khari. I made the coffee and started breakfast. And the house was completely quiet.

This was a very different morning.

There was more space this morning, to be…to think…to sit…to listen

I went to sleep with plans, outlining exactly what needed to be done when I woke up, and I even stepped out of bed fully prepared to start executing those finely detailed plans:

An extra math lesson with Princess Bella


But somewhere between stepping out of bed and sitting on my coach those plans left me. Or maybe, the Lord gently took them away. And I was left with other possibilities.


For years I have always wanted to go blueberry picking. I pick strawberries but never get around to picking blueberries. Something always comes up that is more important. Life is busy.

But this morning, the Lord had a gift for me.

After breakfast I told Khari I wanted to forgo all the plans for the day and instead pick those blueberries.

He said ok, he knew just how long I have talked about picking blueberries and so we gathered the girls and made our way an hour north to a beautiful, picturesque farm  and had a glorious day.


We rode a tractor.


And picked berries.


Lots of berries!


We saw goats.


And picked and ate peaches from the tree.


It was a magical time, truly. Everyone was so thankful that we went.

I was most thankful that we didn’t follow my plan today, but instead followed his.


Looking out across the fields, I was reminded of so many truths–but two stuck out in my heart:

there is a time to sow, and a time to reap

a time to work, and a time to rest

I learned that I can’t always trust my own judgement regarding what time it is for me or my children…or when it is the best time for things. I pray that the Lord will continue to sit me down, and take things away from me–and I pray also, I will continue to let him.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed,


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