Our first Physics Lesson– Trebuchet 

I can’t wait to order this tinker crate as I think it will be the perfect monthly surprise for Princess Petals who is our resident Tinker!

Caper's and adventures that began with homeschool

As part of the enrichment and supplementation that I am adding to Catie’s curriculum I have subscribed to Tinker Crate.   When I was looking up the information on these crates Catie was looking over my shoulder and got very excited so I went ahead and did the yearly subscription.  I have to say that I was very pleased when the first crate arrived.  It is a Trebuchet that is lending nicely to physics discussions.  We have experimented with weights and angles in order to see how far we can get the trebuchet to shoot.  It has been very fun and interactive for Catie.

The crate also came with a “tinkerzine” that has lots of information and even some other projects that can be done.  We are going to be doing one of the extra projects tonight.  For anyone looking for some extra educational fun I highly recommend this subscription…

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