Dear Channie: What is Your Home School Schedule?

Dear Channie,

I am a newbie homeschooler (this will be my second year). Last year we followed our public school system’s schedule mainly because I thought it a good idea for the kids to be off when their friends were. Although it has been ok, I am interested in different schedules

So what is you schedule?

Katy for North Carolina

~Mom to four


The question about schedules was one that I struggled with for a long time. My background is in education so when I started homeschooling I followed pretty much the same schedule (including teaching blocks) as traditional schools.

It took me a very long time to get comfortable with the radical idea that I could truly create my own schedule and because of that I could make adjustments based on the needs (which sometimes can shift) of my family.

Again, this was a radical idea.

We do school all year round. The main reason is because my husband and I firmly believe that learning is life-long. We don’t want to raise our girls with the idea of stop and start learning. What we do during the year varies, but the learning never stops.

We do take breaks. Breaks for us mean that mommy isn’t teaching any new information. The girls may have worksheets and fun activities to help them review concepts and skills taught. I decide the breaks based on what is happening in our family. For example, we take a week’s break for our anniversary.


Here is a very rough outline of our year

August 25th                                            School year begins (co-ops & ballet begin)

October 19th – October 23rd               Break ( anniversary break)

October 26th – November 25st

November 26th – November 30th      Break (It’s Turkey Time!)

December 1st – December 19th

December 20th – January 1st              Break (Christmas Holiday)

January 4th – February 26th

February 29th – March 4TH                Break

March 7th – April 29th

May 2nd – May 6th                                Break

May 9th – July 29th                               (Co-ops end in May)

August 1st – August 27th                     Break

The main thing is to plan out a schedule that keeps your family life in mind.

Also remember that a plan is simply a plan, and plans are suggestions–not absolutes.

Another things is to take a break when you and your children need it. Feel free to switch things up a bit.

It took me many years and failed attempts to discover (or rather uncover) what worked for our family. Give yourself grace to fumble along the way until you find something that makes sense!

Thanks for reaching out and as always…

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!




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