Morning Math Challenges

Princess Petals finished her Kindergarten math program (to read my review of the math we use click here) and so we slide right on into 1st grade math.

She is a math girl. All throughout the day she counts and finds patterns and solves made-up math facts.

So I really try to think of fun ways to reinforce what we are learning in a manner that suits her learning style (tactile with very little instruction).

Our mornings begin with a problem for her to solve by herself. I set out the materials and she has to figure out what I want her to do with it. I try not to over complicate this, mainly because I aim to have a challenge daily. I simply build on concepts and skills introduced in our lessons.

The other morning I set out a stack of mixed up number cards and some linking blocks.

This is what her mind saw.

She matched the blocks with the numbers.
She matched the blocks with the numbers.

I always try to allow space for her mind to think and play and am always amazed with the outcome.

Princess Petals isn’t the only one I do this with. I also challenge Princess Bella, my soon to be 4th grader.

In the challenge below I assigned dollar amounts to shapes and then told her she had to come up with a figure worth $15.00 that I would want to buy.

Here is my menu.
Here is my menu.

This really challenged her–and she loved the struggled. I also like this challenge because I can constantly reuse it–all I do is change the total amount.

She came up with this little guy. Cute isn’t it!

The other thing I like about our morning math challenges is it provides me with some time to tend to other things.

A few extra mommy minutes = priceless!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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