Enjoying the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe

After a very long work week I decided to take the girls into the city to mix errand (picking up mommy’s contacts) with pleasure. Today we were in for a treat. My eye doctor’s office is two blocks from the White House so I thought a lovely picnic across from the White House would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon. And it was.

The girls enjoyed their picnic lunch.

Princess Jubilee is serious about her sandwich!

And climbing trees.

My girls are true tree climbers!

And performing in trees (well they are like their momma!).

Princess Petals & Princess Jubilee singing the “Star Spangled Banner”.

I even had a few minutes to stretch out and relax.

See me relaxing!

What was extra-special about today was the marking of the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe. The girls were wide-eyed as they covered their eyes to look into the sky, curious about the noise (boy did those engines roar) and the funny looking planes.

My picture from the White House.


It was amazing to see over two dozen World War II-era fighters and bombers flying over the capitol. It was also a  truly wonderful way to share some history with the girls, who gazed, along with hundreds of other citizens, in complete awe.

Over at the Monument my sister and her husband were enjoying the festivities as well.

Princess Bella looked at me and said, “Mommy, are we apart of this history now?” 

“You sure are baby!” I assured her smiling.

Stay Encouraged, Be Blessed & Thank a Veteran!

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