Shopping Spree + Sister Time = Happy Times!

This is me feeling victorious about my finds!
This is me feeling victorious about my finds!

This weekend I traveled two hours south to visit my sister for a ‘Girl’s Only Shopping Spree’. We both have been blessed with little girls who LOVE pretty dresses (we have seven princesses between us). Several years ago my sister discovered a direct-from-the-warehouse, preseason fashion sale for little girls in Amelia County, VA (click here for info).

The drive is well worth it because we get to buy so many adorable outfits for low prices, I am talking about $6.00 – $16.00 for top quality dresses that start at $30.00 in most stores.

Most of all, it was so good to have a break from my normal routine, take a long drive myself, and have some quality ‘girl time’.

If you haven’t taken a ‘pause” from your everyday, do so. Plan a get away–for a couple of hours or a couple of days. It is so worth it, you will  return renewed!!

We went! We shopped! We conquered!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



One thought on “Shopping Spree + Sister Time = Happy Times!

  1. It’s wonderful when sisters get together to enjoy each other and catch up with what’s going on in your lives. Stay the course! You and the dresses are beautiful.


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