A Working & Home Schooling Mom Tells All!

I love it when I run across a hard working mom who inspires me. So when I opened my email and saw a friend sent me the following podcast, I instantly downloaded it. I really enjoyed listening to Dianna as she shared about her family, her values, and her life. It amazed me how much she is able to accomplish–with five little ones at home. She also encouraged me as well to keep pressing forward and dream big. Take a moment to be inspired and pass it on!


HSP 008 Dianna Kennedy: Working and Letting Go

Dianna Kennedy is fun, feisty and one busy woman. She has five of six kids still at home — three of whom she homeschools. She shares about her Catholic faith and parenting tips at The Kennedy Adventures. Did I mention that she also works part time as a nurse?

Dianna and I talk about how she gets it all done, as well as about how she is slowly letting go of her preconceived notions about how education should look.

The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast Episode 8: Working and Letting Go

Listen to the podcast here.

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