“You Can’t Shelter Your Children!”

Well said, enjoy the read!
Stay Encouraged!

A Homeschool Mom

Every once in a while, my husband asks to guest post; addressing concerns which he feels are vital to both homeschooling and families. Today, he shares yet another reason we are thankful for the blessing of home education.


The Myth: Homeschoolers, conservatives, and people of faith are often on the receiving end of the superficial and thoughtless claim that “one ought not to shelter his child”. I say “superficial and thoughtless” because those who issue the claim have given it no serious reflection whatsoever. Instead, they parrot the statement because, like many social myths, it’s been repeated ad nauseam so as to condition many to embrace it as axiomatic.

The Hypocrisy: Those who insist that others “should not shelter their children” are doing so hypocritically. One can easily demonstrate this by simply asking them the following: Would you allow your children to watch pornography? Would you allow them…

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