When Stuck…Get Help

Wanted to share a funny and encouraging moment I had at Village School teaching my middle and high school nieces. Enjoy and stay warm, it’s cold out there!

Off The Soapbox

When I got to Village School the other day I was met (no, more like tackled) by my niece, Jordan who just had to share the latest and greatest ‘awesome’ thing that has happened to her.

Wide—eyed and bushy tail was I to hear all about this exciting news, and then she pulled out math flash cards.



“I’ll be back, I have to use the bathroom, “ I said. Ok, it was true…I really did have to go-but all the while I was thinking to myself, Math…really? For those of you who don’t really know me very well, I am not a math person…at all (although I do have a deep abiding respect for numbers).

Jordan is our 2nd to Launch and part of launching means the SAT. She has aggressive goals for herself, and wants to get the best score possible. The math section…

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