A Fun Way to Compare Numbers 1-10

Today’s math lesson with Princess Petals (Kindergarten) was so much fun. Our lesson came from Saxon (read my review of Saxon ) and had us play a fun game comparing numbers 1-10 using a deck of cards.

One of the reasons why I like Saxon so much is that they do make math fun for the children (and the adults teaching it). I remember when we got to this lesson when Princess Bella was in Kindergarten, it was a hit. The true remains with her sister. What’s even better is now they can play the game together!

Want to play the game with your little learner?

All you need is a deck of playing cards. Each person gets a suit of cards, my princess loves the hearts. Be sure to remove the Joker, Queen, Jack and King. If this is your child’s first time using cards (like mine) explain the symbols and also that Ace equals one.

Next be sure to mix up your deck, really good (no cheating).

Finally, you are ready to throw down. Take a card off the top and throw it down. The card that is the largest number wins the hand.

I love this game because it is simple–but really has those little minds doing quick comparisons of numbers (without even knowing it). After we played about ten games, Princess Petals looked at me and said, “Ok mom, I’m ready for math.”

Don’t you love those moments!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed


One thought on “A Fun Way to Compare Numbers 1-10

  1. Wow, learning math with a deck of cards…the making of a great Black Jack player. You gotta love this method, wish I thought about this when I was helping you and your sisters learn math.


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