Little Learner’s Morning Huddle: Brushing Our Teeth

Today during our morning huddle we focused on those Oh so Pearly Teeth. The girls had a great time learning all about their wondrous teeth, and I for one enjoyed hearing their comments and questions about these mysterious things that grow…fall out… and then grow again.

We started the lesson with simply observing our smile and teeth. They really enjoyed focusing in on themselves using a mirror. I had them come up with as many descriptive words as possible to describe their teeth. Hard, big, little, and sharp were a few they named.

Next, we spent time talking about foods that make our teeth strong and foods that make our teeth weak (we want strong teeth right?). You should have seen their faces when I told them that sugar weakens our teeth. Priceless. Just to make sure they really knew sugar was a tooth enemy, we completed a fun worksheet that had the children color all the foods that make teeth strong. They loved talking about each and every food pictured in the make believe refrigerator.

Healthy Foods for Teeth

Next, we watched a quick video about teeth brushing from Crawford the Cat. It is a short cartoon video that shows kids how to properly brush their teeth. My girls love Crawford the Cat and when I asked if Crawford taught them something they didn’t know, Princess Petals said that “She didn’t know you had to brush for so long, 2 whole minutes!”

Finally, after the video  I demonstrated on my own set of teeth how I brush my teeth. And yes, they timed me! Then the girls, before their mirrors, brushed their teeth just like Crawford the Cat.

All in all we all had a great time learning about our teeth and ways to keep them healthy and strong.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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