Outraged and Frightened

My niece (of whom I also have the privilege to teach) wrote this post and shared it on her blog. My niece is 12 years old, lives in our Nation’s Capitol, and has been moved by the recent happenings across our Nation. What struck me, when reading her post, was the title. For me, it summed up exactly what I have been feeling these past few days: outraged AND frightened. Sometimes, children can sum things up better than adults. The other truth this post showed me is that we have all been touched by the recent murders and verdicts (or lack there of). Yes, all of us–even the ones we think it hasn’t touched. I hope enough of us have been touched in a way to desire and demand something better…true justice!

Written by: Linda Bellamy, December 6, 2014

Dear Diary,

         There has been an outpouring of outrage over the senseless murder. And we are not feeling safe! If our cops are killing people and our juries are letting them get away with it how are African-American men going to be protected? How can people know that this is happening and do nothing about it? This is crazy! This is an outrage! 

      On July 17, 2014 there was a murder of an African- American man, Eric Garner, in the state of New York. He was being accused of selling illegal cigarettes. He was making a statement that he did not do anything and was telling the police to stop harassing him. There the police started to touch him and he stepped back.Then,rapidly the cop put him in a choke-hold. It took so many of them to take him down. Yet, no one stopped the man that was choking him. While this was happening, Mr.Garner gasped “I Can’t  Breathe 11 freaking times. After that he was dead!  

    The Grand Jury did not indict, there was no hope of a verdict.This is our Country ~police killing innocent people. It is Sad. It is Frighting. And, it is Not Just. Our President says that we just need to have confidence in our system. How can we have in a system that is not just. There is a protest happening in Washington, D.C. on Saturday December 13th (next week).

Let me know what your opinions are in the comments below.

Dear Diaries ❤


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