My Perfect Plan Book

A lot of people ask me how I plan for the girl’s lessons. So I thought I would take a moment to share what I have found to work for me. After many hours (both online and in stores) of searching for the perfect planning book that will do everything I needed it to do, I finally accepted that it doesn’t exist (for me). So, that left only one solution, to create one (or better put re-create one).

Here is my planning book. It is made from Scholastic Books (I purchased mine from Lakeshore Learning)  and is the foundation of my perfect planner. I like this book because of it’s size (it is rather large and because it has wide empty boxes I can actually write in it). Another plus for me is that it isn’t filled with pages I simply never use.


But there are pages (in the front of the planner) that I don’t use, so I simply repurpose them. To do this I use card stock paper to cover the page and make it a bit sturdy. Then I simply make these pages work for me.


I  have my week at a glance calendar to help me stay on task.


I teach my older nieces and nephew, so I also have a page dedicated to what they are learning.


I use two pages to store papers, I call them my In-Take (papers that are coming to me) and Out-Take folders (graded papers I am ready to give back. I just glued pocket folders right on the card stock. This helps me so much to keep up with my paperwork (something that is a real challenge.


As far as the calendar pages I head each column (Math, English,etc.) and jot down what I hope (really take in the word HOPE) to accomplish. For whatever reason, if we don’t complete a task, I am not lost when we come to it because I just look in the plan book.


Overall, this system works great for me. It took a while for me to develop something that worked just right–but boy the difference it makes! It you don’t have a system, or aren’t thrilled with what you have I hope this will inspire you to start playing around until you find it.

 It you do already have something that works for you, I would love to hear about!!

Most of all…

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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