Children are a Refelction of Who We Are

I really enjoyed reading this article as it touched upon such truths my husband and I try to hold onto as we go about raising our girls. For us as well, character is the most important thing! Hope you enjoy the read.

Angelo and Aset

Character building is just as important as academic development.

Just the other day, my husband and I had a discussion about character. The people who really know who you are, are your loved ones. Your children become what you give them on a daily basis. Even if your child has developed habits that seem quite strange, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and the environment you are providing him/her.


We need to view our children as adults-in-the-making. What kind of character do we want them to possess as grown men and women? Will they be generous and responsible adults? Will they make loving husbands and wives, and capable mothers and fathers? How is our approach to parenting likely to affect these outcomes?

Loving a child is the first step!

One-on-one time. We need emotionally intimate time to keep any relationship strong and growing. To protect one-on- one…

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