Homeschooling requires patience…and lots of coffee

Oh how I relate to this blogger…especially the coffee! Enjoy the read and Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



I’m just about finished with my first month of home educating the kiddos. Third year in…third child now added to my daily teaching tasks. As I reflect on how things are going so far, I can count many times when I wanted to walk away, give up, and send my kids to public school. There were actually moments when I locked myself in my bedroom, drank my coffee in silence, and cried into my empty cup. This home educating thing is tough!! It is most certainly the best way to grow patience. Fast.

When we started this journey 2 years ago I was totally psyched about teaching my own kids. And don’t get me wrong. I still am. But I made a common parenting mistake in assuming it would be roses and rainbows all the time. For some silly reason I thought my gigantic piles of excitement would automatically rub off on the…

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