August 31, 2014

* FREE * Nature Walk PDF

I found this free worksheet made by a homeschooling mom about nature. Once a week I like to go outside and take in the nature in our neighborhood. I have been meaning to create a worksheet myself for the children to record what they see and how they experience the natural world around them but it is still on my very long to-do list. So I was so grateful to find this. This worksheet is perfect for younger kids and of course you don’t have to homeschool to use it. Enjoy and Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

My Journey As A Mother & Wife

I home school my son. I adore it! We have chosen to make Fridays our “easy” day. We go out for a Nature Walk. 

I was unable to find a free worksheet for this so I made one. 

I hope you like it!

PDF File:


Word File


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