My Experience with My Portfolio Reviewer

Wow, I wrote this about a year ago and after having my third review this past July it still rings true. Over the year I have grown even fonder of my reviewer and have received even more support. I am so thankful. For those of you who do have to do portfolio reviews, you might find the read useful. As always, Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed.

Off The Soapbox

If you are home schooling in the state of Maryland, like I am, then you will be assigned a Portfolio Reviewer that will review your children’s work at least twice a year. For many, these reviews are face-to-face meetings at a local library.

I have talked with many moms about how they feel being ‘reviewed’ and a lot of them were not thrilled with the process and feel like they (including their children) are being judged. One mother told me over coffee, “It’s none of their business and meeting with them is a complete waste of time!”

Walking into my review session in January I was determined to keep an ‘open mind’ and to get my needs met. After all, I was used to portfolio reviews, I was just used to being the reviewer. Professionally, I was the one (Instructional Coach) that teachers had to sit with so I could ‘review’ with…

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