My Week in Review: July 20, 2014

My BFF standing next to our yummy taco bar!
My BFF standing next to our yummy taco bar!


This has been a pretty amazing week full of great experiences. My week started with some long-overdue, good ole fashioned girl time. My girl’s slumber party was just what I needed. We talked, laughed, cried, danced, prayed and ate some delicious food.




The girls giving hugs to a resident at the Washington Home

This week was also Vacation Bible Camp. Both Princess Bella and Princess Petals attended camp but that left me with the little one. The girl’s camp was such an awesome experience. They learned so much about God, His word and the power of words. Everyday they would come back and teach me something. I was encouraged by all they learned.



Princess Jubilee at the Botanical Gardens.

But I was faced with a challenged with the girls in camp…what about little Princess Jubilee? What was I going to do with her for four hours while her sisters were away? It turns out we had a ball. After the first day of a crying fit at drop-off, she settled nicely into our new (and completely spontaneous) routine of taking in and exploring our Nation’s Capitol and museums. She had a ball and I so enjoyed our special time together.



Money practice chart for Princess Bella.

And although we were busy with camp, we did manage to get some work done as well. I figured out a fun way for Princess Bella to practice counting money while Princess Petals moved on to mastering ABB patterns.




Princess Petal’s latest masterpiece!


I also discovered a pretty cool website this week, an online art gallery, that now houses my girl’s masterpieces. No more stacks and stacks of old artwork and no more feeling guilty about throwing them away. After a week on display–I take a picture of it and upload it to the girl’s online gallery. They love seeing their creations on line–and I love that it is an easy to use and completely free resource!



My weekend ended with a date with my hubby to see The Guardians of the Galaxy. Khari is a huge comic geek and I so get a kick out of stepping into his ‘universe’. We were thankful for the quality time and the girl’s were so happy to spend fun time with their Godmamma!


As I prepare for a new week, I am thankful for all the joy and lessons learned I experienced this week.  I did learn that I can hang out with friends, get my work done and even have a great date with my man! It has been a packed week but it has been completely pleasurable. I am so looking forward to the week ahead!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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