Counting Money–More Practice

Princess Bella is really enjoying learning about money, especially because she knows that she will start receiving an allowance come September. So she has been super motivated to learn how to properly count money and come up with the correct amount in a variety of different ways.

To give her extra practice in addition to her Saxon Math 2 work, I made this quick worksheet and she does a little everyday.


I made a chart using construction paper, a ruler and markers. Then I made a heading starting with quarters and ending in pennies. So how it works is I put an amount in the left hand column and then she has to count out the correct money in coins. She then marks how many of each coin she used to reach the said amount.

This activity was super quick to make and really didn’t cost a thing. The next chart I make I will probably laminate so I can use it again and again.

If you have any great ideas/activities you use to teach about money I would really love to hear about it! 

Please enjoy!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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