Free Online Art Gallery for Your Children’s Masterpieces!

20140731_162401(0)Princess Petals created another masterpiece she calls Blooming Sunflower! She took her time to make sure every piece of her creation was perfect. We have been enjoying  her sunny sunflower for over a week now, but today I relocated her artwork to a permanent space that doesn’t clutter my space, her own personal art gallery!

I was so happy to learn about a free online gallery for children, called Artsonia.

Artsonia has many cool features including personal galleries. Relatives and friends everywhere can always see what your child has created when you create their own gallery (also free). This sure does come in handy when trying to share with Nana!

Registering  and uploading artwork is easy (and boy do I appreciate that). Now, after we display the artwork for about a week, the girls have peace and pleasure knowing that their creations have a new and permanent home on the web!

Here is to you and your blooming artists!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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