Slumber Party…for Mommy!

My BFF standing next to our yummy taco bar!
My BFF standing next to our yummy taco bar!

This past Friday I attended  a ‘for women only’ slumber party.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed up late (until 5:30am to be exact) talking, laughing, eating, sharing, crying and praying.

The truth is, it is sometimes rather hard to create ample time and space to really talk about the ‘real stuff’. I was thankful that we had all night to relax, relate and release. I think we all needed it.

We also ate the most amazing tacos. I had my very first fish taco and I am a fan. I am so thankful for my bestfriend’s hospitality–for pulling us together, hosting us all and cooking delicious food.

So here is to women holding up women! Call up your girlfriends and plan a girl’s sleepover, you won’t regret it!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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