Fun with AB Patterns

This week Princess Petals has been learning all about AB Patterns. After the introductory lesson in her Kindergarten Saxon Math book, I decided to have some extended fun throughout the week with AB patterns because she loved creating those patterns so much!

AB pattern made out of tissue paper blocks. I used already cut blocks to save some time.

I looked around the house to find things she could make patterns out of. Every morning she would start her meeting day with two objects that she had to put in AB pattern form and then read. It has been so amazing seeing her unsure of the concept to fully grasping it. The colorful butterfly cut-outs below are from a Letter of the Week curriculum I purchased.

Princess Petals was so excited to find these beautiful butterflies to work with.

 Here she created an AB pattern out of her beloved counting teddy bears!  They are lining up for a dip in the pool.


She is an AB rockstar now!!!!!!!


 AB patterns mastered. Next week ABB patterns. I can’t wait to see her have fun with that!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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