Review: Quizlet

If you are like me then you have hundreds of flashcards laying around. Some flashcards are very organized and some are not. Getting my child to actually sit down and study them can sometimes be a bit of a chore.

One day, a friend shared a website that has truly revolutionized the way we go about studying in our household. When I find something good, I simply have to share it.



I give this program Four OLIVE TREES!!!

Online Study Tool   / Basic Free Package / Any Subject  / Any Grade

Quizlet is an online studying tool that allows your child to create, organize and study ANYTHING, and I mean anything—math facts, vocabulary, timelines, art history—you name it, you can study it with Quizlet. What is even better is that you can also study it in 18 different languages!  Currently, I have created math, history and Chinese (Mandarin) vocabulary flashcards with Quizlet.

So what is so revolutionary about quizlet?

Quizlet is freedom. With Quizlet my girls can study anywhere-whether we are driving in the car to visit Nana or waiting at the doctor’s office, it is so easy for them to use the mobile app and study their cards without the hassle of lugging index card boxes around.

Quizlet is interactive. I never have to beg my daughter to use Quizlet. For her, it is fun and I am thankful for that. There are many different ways to study the flashcards including the Space Race feature, where you earn points before the definitions disappear off the screen and the Speller feature, where you type what you hear.  Students can even study in groups, test themselves and track their progress which is all pretty cool.

Quizlet is economical. You can join and create flashcards for free. When you think about all the money you can save using Quizlet instead of buying stacks of cards, boxes and markers you will be motivated to give it a try. You can also purchase an upgraded account for $15 a year if you like. The upgraded account allows you to upload pictures of your choice. I purchased and upgraded account because I wanted the ability to insert pictures and the money spent was well worth it.

Quizlet is a time saver: Not only does Quizlet save you money, it saves you time! Create a list once and it is created for the next child who comes along. Also, sometimes you don’t even have to create a list—someone else might have done the work for you. Simply put in the topic in the search engine and see what comes up. You can also share your created list or keep it private, it is up to you.

Teachers love Quizlet too! They can create and assign class sets as well as tests and worksheets for their students. 

Founder Andrew Sutherland

Quizlet has a pretty amazing story. It was founded by 15- year- old Andrew Sutherland who needed a fun way to study his French vocabulary words. So he CREATED the way!  He liked it and shared it with other family members and friends and just like that, Quizlet was born. Amazing right?

The company’s mission is “to build beautiful, simple software that helps students learn”. It looks like they are doing just that. With over 30,184,538 study sets created, it appears young Andrew Sutherland hit upon a need millions of teachers, students, and parents have. I know he did for me, and for that I say, “Thanks Andrew!”


If you are ready to give Quizlet a try click here.

Already a Quizlet user? Tell us how you like it

And as always remember,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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