Little by Little

This Sunday my pastor delivered a message completely focused on little.

The part that struck a cord within me was when he said, “It takes years to lay a  proper foundation, about 25 years. It’s a slow process.” My heart leaped at that word. Although he was reflecting on personal lessons learned regarding establishing a church–I quickly applied it to my right now work of marriage and mothering.

“It is a long process” he went on to say, “of nurturing little by little.”

There is a part of me (sometimes the greater part of me) that wants to take giant steps forward thinking it will get me to my desired results faster.  This hurried approach does sometimes get me there  but I realize things are lost  along the way.

I was thankful for the encouraging words of little by little this Sunday. Since then I have slowed down everything–daily expectations of myself, husband and children. I have allowed my plans to be interrupted more with heart-to-heart conversations, hugs and yes, even joyful spontaneous dance. I go to bed looking back on the day not seeing all the big things that didn’t get accomplished, but all the little things that did…

I woke up early enough to kiss my husband good-bye as he headed out for work…

Princess Petals shared her apple with little sis…

Princess Bella told me she was happy daddy and I got to go on that date, and she hopes we can do more of that…

I hung out with my nieces, nephew and sister today and laughed about my broken bread machine drama…

Princess Jubilee used a public potty for the first time today…

I spent some quiet time with the Lord…

I just finished a conversation with a new friend…

We live in a world that isn’t impressed with little by little. Instead, the movement is BIG by BIG, and right now. Little by little, I have found, allows me to dig deeper and to ultimately, be present during the journey.

It is my prayer that Khari and I will not set our children on a ‘hurry and finish’  or  BIG by BIG pace. I hope us to be like the Father, waiting on them while encouraging their little hearts, praising their little victories, and  shepherding them closer to the Lord little by little.

“This little by little” my pastor concluded, ” is vital for long-term stability.”

Stay Thankful & Be encouraged! 

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