Today was a rough day, but…

Mondays are usually hard for me. 

Maybe it is because it is the start of a brand new week and that means repeating everything (work, activities, etc) all over again. 

Maybe it is because I had so much fun this Mother’s Day weekend–I really relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Maybe I relaxed too much. 

Maybe I got too much sleep.


Whatever the reason, today started out rough. I felt a bit out-of-sorts and rugged. It started out with me waking up late (8:35am to be exact) which is so not good. Waking up late means I lost my morning ‘me’ time and I have to rush all the morning to-dos: grooming, breakfast, load of laundry,etc.

And I also realized that I forgot to prep our learning activities the night before (see, I relaxed too much).  Our meeting room was messy from left over impromptu-child guided arts & crafts, and none of the children’s workboxes were filled and updated. 

Oh, and did I mention I decided this morning to go sugar free in my morning ‘must have’ cup of joe?


I did my best to ‘get through’ my day but I so hate just ‘getting through’ my days with my girls in tow. And I knew that whatever I was feeling was affecting us all.

So in the midst of what felt like chaos during what was supposed to be afternoon quiet time (Princess Jubilee refused her nap despite all attempts. Instead, she felt like having a party. Princess Petals and Princess Bella were laying in their room bickering about, of who knows. And the two loads of laundry seemed to have grown to 20…) I decided to stop trying to fix any of it and got to a quiet corner (literally…a corner) with my Bible  and gave it all to the Lord. All I had strength to pray was “Lord help me”. And I repeated that simple plea several times in a quiet and desperate whisper.

And then it came…the peace, the gentle quieting  of my spirit. And I felt so much better and I was thankful. 

My day didn’t magically get better. The challenges that were there before were still present after I opened my eyes, but I was changed inside and I knew I was not in it all by myself. Help did come.

And because help came, I was able to dance alongside Princess Jubilee and after hug her sleep and I had the patience to help the other two girls sort through their bickering with love and forgiveness.

So, as I am wrapping up my ‘work day’ I can say that although it started off rough, it ended beautifully. I am grateful!

When you get overwhelmed, don’t try to solve it on your own. Stop and give it all to God–He is more than able!

Stay Happy & Be Encouraged!


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