Can You Say Freshly Squeezed!

About two months ago our local Whole Foods added a new feature to their produce section… a mega-sized automatic orange juice machine.

Can you smell those oranges?

At first I did not use it. I already was a faithful Tropicana girl, and the thought of drinking pulp simply didn’t thrill me.

But one day I started my shopping trip very hungry and very thirsty and when I saw the orange juice machine I did not pass it by. After 30 seconds of ‘juicing’ (pressing a button) I stood right there and started drinking. Words cannot express how simply delicious the juice tasted. I stood there in disbelief, battling years (36 years) of drinking a product (try any shelf brand) that simply does not compare to the actual real thing.

After I unloaded the groceries, I had a serious chat with my mom, who by the way never would drink her daily glass of orange juice. I was relentless with my questions: How did grandma give you your orange juice? Why didn’t you give us fresh  juice? After she answered my questions she then went ahead to tell me that she never had shelf orange juice growing up and that her job (as the only girl in the house) was to twist those oranges to get the juice out. I was floored and she was tickled at my new found ‘old’ thing.

I can picture my mom now pressing away on those oranges!

Since then I have said farewell to Tropicana and hello freshly squeezed. Everyone loves the fresh taste and sweet smell of the oranges and it stays as a must have on our weekly trip to Whole Foods. And now every morning I get to start my day with a little bit of luxury, nature style.

If you are thinking about heading over to your local Whole Foods–do it, you will not be disappointed! Below are a few things to note:

The juice containers are all pre-labeled with price points for each size: a small is $3.99, medium is $6.99 and a large is $9.99.

Working the machine is easy, fast, and fun but if you don’t want to do it just ask and it can be done for you.

I get a large bottle and it last my family of 5 a week (a juice size serving a day).

Shake before you serve! You will see the liquid separate in two parts, don’t worry it is still good!

If your WholeFoods does not have this magical machine then lobby, plead and beg until they get one.


What is your favorite way to drink orange juice? I would love for you to share! In the meantime, be encouraged!







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