2014 White House Garden Tour

Yesterday my dear sister, Cherie, invited me to the White House Garden tour. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity and instantly begun to have visions of me strolling around the lovely landscaped lawns. I was also looking forward to reconnecting with one of my sister’s dear friends, and hanging out with one of the coolest young men around, my nephew Nathan.

My WH Garden Tour Buddies Nathan, Monique, Cherie

We could not have been blessed with better weather. It honestly was the perfect spring day, a little cool crispness with sunshine rays peeking thru, just the type of day to stroll through a garden.

The event was well organized and attended. The long lines moved quickly and within no time (and after a security check of course) I found myself inside the gates of ‘the people’s house’ and it was pretty majestic.

The entire event was so tastefully done. Upon entering, everyone was warmly welcomed and handed a keepsake program. On the edges of the lawn stood picture frames of first families (past and present) in the gardens and yards. Some pictures included images of trees being planted, someone (couldn’t figure out who) standing on top of a horse, and the beautiful Obama girls playing in their very own playground just outside the White House doors. They also had a spectacular 360 degree display showcasing the different birds that can be seen visiting the White House.

Pretty neat isn’t it! What a creative way to learn about our local flying friends when I teach the girls about birds. This has ‘hubby project’ written all over it!

I truly appreciated being able to explore the grounds at my own pace–pausing when I wanted too. It was a self-guided tour and you were allowed (and encouraged) to stop and smell the flowers and take pictures.

And speaking of flowers, the main attraction (ok, second the White House itself), they were all so beautiful, and dare I say happy! Honestly, they were the happiest flowers (all bright, tall and perky) that I have ever seen. I guess it makes sense, look where they live! I walked away with a new and deeper appreciation for tulips. They were the main flower–in pots, circling the fountain, adorning the Rose Garden. I left feeling like I could give tulips a try.

Just look at those happy tulips! The purple flowers are also beautiful. The red and purple combination is a winner!

Not only did we learn a thing or two about flowers, but we were also so inspired by the vegetable garden. I stood in awe at the ‘simplistic beauty’. Could I ever create such a garden, a work of art? Would our neighborhood deer be so kind as to leave my veggies alone? Oh well, I enjoyed the moments I had to gaze upon the garden. Inspiring!


At the end of the day I was so happy that attended. It was so rewarding. I felt closer comfortable in nature ( nothing was moving out there except for three bees humming by the bee hive where they lived), I enjoyed hanging out with my garden tour buddies, and yes…I even felt strengthen by the legacy of our union. Perfect? No, but still blooming strong!

My favorite spot. Can’t you picture it: me there under the tree with a good book and some freshly squeezed lemonade. Well, maybe next visit.

Be encouraged!


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