The Best Home Schooling Calendar

One of the things I simply cannot live without is a paper and pen calendar. Call me old fashioned, but I just can’t get into electric calendars—despite all of my husband’s efforts.

So I happened one day to stumble across the Well Planned Day. I spent the next several days going back to the site, trying to determine it this was the planner for me. After a week of hearing me lament, my hubby told me to just order the thing. So I did!

I am really pleased with this planner as it has everything that is a ‘must-have’ such as:

  • wide monthly pages
  • spacious daily pages great for planning the day (and it is arranged by subjects instead of times which is nice)
  • space for planning (shopping list, lesson plans, etc.)

Other great features include:

  • monthly inspirational articles by fellow homeschoolers
  • student records pages

The calendars go from June to June. You can yours here.

Be encouraged!

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