NPR’s Podcast, 1A is one of my favorite things to listen to as I am driving from here to there. I truly appreciate discussions that grapple with some of today’s and Yesterday’s toughest topics in a civil and honest way. Recently they aired a podcast about how schools should teach slavery to students and featured […]

As much as any of us don’t ever want to experience a less than thrilled student, it happens. Matter of fact it has been happening the past two days and it seems as though we can’t get into a good groove. Thankful for the wisdom and reminders A Homeschool Mom offers us all in her […]

Our adventures of being a vegan family has introduced us to many interesting and different flavors, textures, and foods. This past summer while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC, I ate a delicious pulled mock chicken salad that was made from jackfruit. It tasted delicious and the texture echoed that of pulled pork. Before that dish, […]

Being a homeschooling Momma, I am always curious to see how other moms like me get through their day. When I read this post I laughed, out loud, as so much of her day and internal thoughts resonated with mine. I guess there are some commonalities about this homeschooling gig, despite the who you are […]

I love reading a wide variety of things, from books to blogs and everything in between! Reading allows me the opportunity to meet myself in different ways and broadens what I think I know about the world around me. Most times when I have a moment of downtime, you will find me reading. Here is […]

Last week I took the kids to Toolfest, a Construction Career Exposure Event, located at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in downtown, DC. Niara is our resident Tinkerbell, and when I saw an ad for this free event I knew I had to take her. But she wasn’t the only Grant girl out their having […]

I am so grateful when some of the work has been done for me! I love using YouTube to help come alongside what I am teaching my kids. Unfortunately, I always remember YouTube as I am in the middle of a lesson. Often I am like, “Wait a minute, let me see it YouTube has […]